Core Values

What we stand for.

Team Responsibility.

Perhaps the most appealing and easy to recognize advantages that the Compo Builders Inc Design and Build Team model offers is the convenience and comfort of one-stop shopping. The owner looks to the team to take full responsibility for design, construction, and satisfactory project completion, to deliver the project on time and on budget. As a natural consequence, there is less finger pointing because, as ideas are generated, all team members make decisions with a cooperative approach.

This means greater efficiency, cooperation instead of conflict, and a better project for the time and money invested. When this team approach works well, it fosters an enjoyable and mutually beneficial way of doing business for the client and the team of professionals. As the design phase of the project moves forward, all parties get to know each other while working out and establishing the terms of the relationship. This establishes trust, as well as a mutual respect for the realities of living through a project long before the dust takes over rather than while the dust is created. These advantages are often removed or compromised if those involved work separately from each other during the design stage.

Cost Control.

Trust is the key consideration here, and can become an owner’s most valued benefit. Provided that a realistic budget is established and agreed to prior to entering into a Compo Builders Inc contract, the team takes on the responsibility of protecting the budget as design happens. The owners can exercise their desired degree of control over design, with the added advantage of knowing the cost implications of each decision as they happen.

Our promise of cost control is backed by our teams cooperative design and construction expertise, as well as the company systems required, to know what should (or will not) be included and how much it will cost. By having this ability, professional fees such as engineering or surveying are kept to a minimum and they can be determined before beginning design of the project. The owner benefits because a guaranteed price can be determined as soon as the scope of the project is determined.

Quality Control.

Quality of the design and construction of the project can happen by default if the Compo Builders Inc team is working together to meet performance requirements. The builder, architect & client are able to focus on the project, with an emphasis on quality, rather than protecting their own individual interests.

The lines of communications are simplified and chances for misunderstandings are reduced. The construction expertise of Compo Builders Inc and the design expertise of the architect are melded to produce a greater value for the owner than what might be realized if both were working independently. Additionally, quality is maintained through real solutions and the discovery of most problems before starting.

Quick Delivery Time.

The client saves time and trouble by dealing with a cooperative team for all matters instead of separately with a builder, an architect, an engineer, and subcontractors. Bidding periods and redesign time are eliminated.

Overall time to design and build the project is substantially reduced because design and construction activities overlap. Compo Builders Inc can proceed with early procurement of critical materials, schedule labor and subcontractors for greater effectiveness. This means the project can be on schedule sooner. THE COMPO BUILDERS TEAM LOOKS FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU!

Member of NAHB.

The National Association of Home Builders Builder 20 Club places groups of 20 similar builders from around the country together. Chris & David have been involved in the Builder 20 Program since 2009. The Builder 20 Club offers the opportunity to stay up to date on best practices, products, and equipment. The Builder 20 Club meets twice per year, bringing some of the finest builders from around the world. As a group, they critique, analyze, and help each other make tough business decisions. The group collectively examines construction trends and practices, and discusses issues unique to our business. Meeting with 20 builders from other areas of the country has helped Compo Builders Inc gain a new perspective, improve skills and knowledge.

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